Liquidation of Estonian company


Liquidation of Estonian company is simple using Global Estonia service. A local liquidator must be appointed. The process takes time but we will take care of the whole process for you. Please contact us at to get a quote


  • When you decide to stop the business activities of your Estonian company, the company must be closed by voluntary liquidation. The liquidation of Estonian company takes at least 7 months and must be performed by a local liquidator. The period is a lot longer compared to establishing a company in Estonia, but for the board of the company it is a passive period and our liquidator takes care of everything for you.

    Keep in mind that all accounting must be composed by the time of starting the liquidation.


    Included in the price:

    • Local liquidator
    • Drafting legal documents
    • Filing documents electronically
    • Deleting the company from Business Register


    Available for an extra fee:

    • Accounting (hourly fee 65€)
    • Accounting final reports for liquidation (250€)
    • Representation by the liquidator at the bank, tax office or any other institution (hourly fee 100€)
    • If you wish to order these services, please contact us directly


    Process flow:

    • Send us the company’s bank statement and balance sheet
    • We will send you the price offer for the complete process
    • We will prepare the legal documents. You must sign the documents in Business Register – this can be done electronically if you have access to digital signing or in notary’s office.
    • We will do everything else that is required for the process – prepare the liquidation report, file it to Business Register, prepare the final report etc (accounting final report has to be done before or can be composed by us for an extra fee)
    • You just have to approve the reports and wait for the process to be completed.


    Important information:

    • Voluntary liquidation takes place in case the company is solvent and able to pay all debts. In case the company is insolvent, the bankruptcy process must be initiated by the board instead.
    • Accounting final report is necessary to liquidate your company. If you already have a final report prepared you can just provide us with the document. If not, we can help with the necessary reports.